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Coloured Pigment Paste Manufacturers Material Safety Data Sheet
Chemical Properties
Chemical/ Common Name Weight (%)
Non Styrenated Polyester Resin 38 - 40
Inorganic/ Organic pigment powders 60 - 65
Stabilizers & Thickners 2 - 3.5
Restricted Substances with in permissible limits

Pigment Pastes, B P Pastes
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity 1.5 - 2.0
% volatile Content by weight < 1
Boiling Point (° C) N/A
Evaporation rate N/A
Vapour Density N/A

Fire & Explosion Hazard
Material is combustible if exposed to naked flame for more than 2 minutes, but not flammable. May ignite at elevated Temperatures (300 °C) in presence of oxygen.
Generally B class fire extinguishing agents are used. Carbon dioxide or DCP-type fire extinguisher for small fires and foam type fire Extinguisher for large fires. Water spray may also be used for fire extinguishing.

Health Hazards
Permissible Exposure Limits.
In the products the pigment powders are in dispersed form so not going to create any nuisance as if they were dry powders.
Even then Prolonged or over exposure to.
Eyes: May cause irritation, redness, or tearing.
Skin: Slight irritation or dryness.
Inhalation or ingestion: Irritation in mucous membrane or respiratory discomfort may also cause headache and nausea.

Special Precautions:
Do not bring the product in contact with eyes, skin and/or inhale and/or ingest the product. In case of any mishappening contact Doctor/ Physician.
Store in cool, well ventilated room. In any case do not keep it near an open flame or source of heat.

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